How To Keep Your Rabbit Happy And Healthy

By | August 12, 2017

Keeping your rabbit healthy and happy is key to making sure it lives a long life. One way to do this is by using a big multi level rabbit cage. With a cage like this, the rabbit will have plenty of space to run around in the times that it is left alone.

Like humans, each rabbit has a distinct personality. Some enjoy their independence more than others. A highly supervised bunny at an early age, will generally respond more satisfactorily to orders and impositions. Often, kids do not know how to keep a bunny, so the animal can become frightened or injured when touched carelessly. Teach any child to respect the natural instinct of the bunny, which is often sought to be close to the ground. Limit the amount of time next to the rabbit, until you are sure that the child and the rabbit get along well and know how to treat each other. If a boy holds the rabbit, it is possible that the rabbit may try to jump from the child, and thus be damaged in its fall. Have the boy sit on the ground (or on the ground) with the bunny next to it, so the animal begins to know it. A bunny can cradle and hold for longer and longer periods, but it is important to note that they respond as best they can in unfamiliar environments. By caressing and talking to the bunny gently, you will get the best response from the animal. A bunny should never be taken by his ears. They can be gently grasped from the chest, lifting their buttocks with the other hand, but again, never by the ears. Don’t leave your rabbits outside the cage unattended. When you aren’t there to keep an eye on them, it’s better for them to be in their multi level rabbi cage instead.

Rabbits are by nature very meticulous animals, and will spend long hours cleaning and taking care of their fur. They will renew this coat twice a year, but nevertheless, they must be brushed daily, especially in the periods in which their hair changes. Any small brush can help remove excess hairs from a rabbit, thus preventing your rabbit from ingesting them, something that could turn into “bowel balls of hair”. Because rabbits cannot vomit, hairs in the intestinal areas can cause them a fatal obstruction.

multi level rabbit cage

The nails of a rabbit should be cut periodically, using small pliers. It would be good to observe how some knowledgeable person performs this procedure, before attempting to do it yourself. Also check your bunny for fleas. If so, use any anti-flea powder for cats. The anti-flea products for cats are generally safe to use on rabbits, but it is always good to consult with your veterinarian. Rabbits may also suffer from mites in their ears, so you should monitor them periodically. Check also if they do not have any crusts of dirt on their coat.